You won’t save a single soul: The truth about missionary work

A very beautiful truth worth reblogging…

all our lemmony things

I got a message just the other day from a dear friend of mine who is currently serving a church mission.

She’s a wonderful missionary, I can tell. I knew she would be. But as I was reading the note that she left in my inbox, I could also tell her heart was breaking. She asked for my advice–telling me that those she’s teaching aren’t following through or keeping commitments. In essence, the people she’s on her knees for every night aren’t seeming to latch on to the only reason she’s out there.


“What did your first missionaries do that helped you when you were learning about the gospel–and when did you know it was true?” she asked me. I could almost hear the desperation in her voice. And that’s because her heart is filled with love.

No matter what religion you are, no matter what culture–you’ve most likely been…

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